Website Backup Services

Part of owning and operating a website is making sure you have a backup of your website (files, images, orders, databases, etc.) in the case of an information loss.  Hackers are typically the most common reason for websites to go down and suffer information loss.  Having a backup of your website is a great safety net and the best insurance policy possible. Our automated website backup service will take a full backup of your website including any “backend” files and databases that make your website work.  We store your backups in the case of an emergency such as a hacker attack.  Within minutes, we can restore your website from the backup and have your website running just like it was before. Check out our 3 most common website backup packages below.  Feel free to give us a call if you have any questions and we will be more than happy to get you answers before you chose which website backup service is the best fit for your small business.

Website Backup Service Packages


Daily website backup services are geared toward larger websites that typically have many changes and updates made to the website on a daily basis.  Also a great match for eCommerce websites that generate orders on a daily basis that need a backed up copy in case of data loss.

$99 Annually


Weekly website backup services are geared toward medium size websites that typically have few changes and updates made to the website on a weekly basis. This package covers most small business websites.


$59 Annually


Monthly website backups for small websites with less than 15 pages and no dynamic content. Perfect for website owners that want a safety net in the event of data loss. Not for eCommerce websites or websites that have updates and changes made frequently.

$39 Annually