Local Virginia Web Designer - Virginia Web Design - VA Web Developer - SurfYourNameHere at SurfYourName, we understand that sometimes the world can throw you a curveball – and if you own a small business, that curveball can be terrifying. That is why we pride ourselves on helping our clients navigate the confusing and daunting world of small business ownership. We don’t only design websites, but we work with our clients to find and implement solutions to life’s unexpected incidents. So when, Billy, owner of Williams Wharf Oyster Company (formerly Mobjack Bay Oyster Company) and long time Surf Your Name client needed to rebrand his website and marketing materials, we knew exactly how to help him.

William’s Wharf Oyster Company is owned and operated by Robin and Billy Hooper. Robin’s family first moved to the property in 1974, and she grew up on the land where the oyster farm currently sits. One warm Virginia summer, Robin brought Billy to visit her family’s property. The pair were just teens then, and had no idea that they’d end up back at William’s Wharf as adults. Williams Wharf Oyster Company is located on Virginia’s Mobjack Bay. William’s Wharf is the ideal habitat for cultivating oysters that have a unique taste and an unbeatable freshness and for over 200 years, William’s Wharf has been home to several oyster farms.

We first started working with owners Billy & Robin in 2016, when they began farming and distributing delicious oysters under the name of “Mobjack Bay Oyster Company”. Recently, the pair decided that they wanted to rebrand their company in order to individualize themselves from the companies that had come before them. At this point, they had a website, business email accounts, and various print marketing assets. For Billy & Robin, this task seemed daunting but necessary. They approached us in hopes that we would know exactly where to start – and we did!

We worked with Billy and Robin to change their domain name and email accounts as well as business cards and Virginia Business Card Design - VA Graphic Designer - Surf Your Name Design - Local Graphic Designerother advertising materials. We also rebranded their existing logo and made some changes to the design that would really make it pop. After that, we went through their website with a fine-toothed comb and made all of the necessary changed to give their business a whole new identity. We also redesigned the business cards that we had originally created for their entire team. After all of that hard work, the Williams Wharf Oyster Company has a brand new image and reputation (but still the same, great tasting oysters).

If you’re facing similar issues, or you’re simply ready for a rebrand of your business, our team has the experience and attention to detail to make the transition as smooth as possible. We know how time consuming running a business can be, so we’ll take all of the worry of a rebrand off your plate so that you can focus on providing quality goods and services to your customers. Our skilled staff is ready to help with all of your web design, graphic design, email marketing and social media marketing needs! Call us today at 515-4WEB-GUY (515-493-2489) for a FREE consultation! We can’t wait to hear from you.