Security & Maintenance Packages

If you have a website, then the answer is YES. While WordPress is the best website platform for small businesses, it is powered by plugins that are always being updated. Stack on top of that the WordPress core updates and monthly maintenance is a MUST for every website owner.

Absolutely!  Most small business website owners do not need Fort Knox security but need basic protection.  Most businesses have looks on their doors and a basic alarm system, but do not even have the most basic protection for their website.  One shocking report found over 18.5 million websites are infected with malware or fall victim to hackers daily. When a hacker hits one of our security measures we put in place, they move on to their next victim.  They have millions of insecure websites to choose from, why work harder?

We think so.  The average cost of recovering from a malware infection typically costs 20-35% more than the original cost of the business owner’s website.  Not to mention the average time to recover from a malware infection or attack is 2-6 weeks depending on the severity of the incident. If you have regular website backups, it cuts that time of recovery down to days rather than weeks.  It’s not an issue of IF you will experience a website failure…. it’s a question of WHEN. My father always said, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”

Yes.  We have several clients who update WordPress core files, themes, and plugins on their own.  It is easy to click that “Update Now” button. Unfortunately, there are millions of WordPress plugins and themes with more being produced every day.  There is no way to test each one of these plugins and themes with new versions of WordPress. We see about 60% of our clients come to us with crashed or broken websites because of updates applied.


Most of these crashed sites can be fixed with 3-4 hours of testing and work.  However, your website can be down for several hours and even days to get these fixes applied.  The costs involved in these fixes are typically more expensive annually than our WordPress website maintenance packages.  Our WordPress maintenance packages are cost effective and keep your website updated and live the way it should be!

Our Security & Maintenance Packages

Login Security

Website Firewall

Brute Force Attack Protection

Daily Malware Scan 

Weekly Full Website Backups

Free Backup Restoration

4 Versions of Backup Storage

6 Versions of Backup Storage

24/7 Uptime & Downtime Monitoring

1 Free Monthly Text Change

Detailed Monthly Reports

Monthly WordPress Updates

Monthly Plugin Updates

Monthly Update Bug Testing/Fixes

Quarterly Website Speed Analysis

Setup Fee *







*Setup fee of $99 for non hosting clients
**Monthly pricing only available for hosting clients
***10% discount on all annual WordPress Maintenace Packages

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