With the development of digital advertising and sales, it’s much easier to order products online than ever. You can order almost anything with your phone. To keep up with the rest of the world and increase current sales, companies have to think of different ways to advertise and sell products online. Websites with installed eCommerce are one of the best options to do so.

Last week we installed eCommerce on one of our client’s website. We are talking about William’s Warf Ouster Company and their website https://williamswharfoystercompany.com. WWOC is our client who works with bars and restaurants selling oysters. The company decided to create custom branded t-shirts as another way to promote their business. Their website was chosen to be the main platform for sales.

SurfYourName Have Set Up an eCommerce for WWOC Website - Local eCommerce Web DesignerHere is what we had to do:

– Create a listing page where users can browse through available apparel

– Create a product page where users can see all the information about the product

– Create a checkout page to complete the order.

We created the pages, shopping cart and set up credit card processing. Then we added products and configured everything. Now when the job is complete, you can easily browse through available WWOC’s t-shirts and buy them online.

Surf Your Name offers you a full service of website development and setting up eCommerce. We help different clients grow their business with our advanced knowledge of web design and digital advertising. If you are still thinking where you need an eCommerce website or not, here are 4 reasons why you should go for it.

eCommerce For Your Website - Local eCommerce Web Developer - Norfolk VA Web Designer - Norfolk Virginia

  1. Go global

With an eCommerce website your products are available to all customers across US or even the whole world. No one needs no leave their home to check what your business can offer. You are open 24/7 and there is no limit on how many customers can visit your store at the same time.

  1. Increased Customer Conversion Rate

People are more likely to order as soon as they see the product page. It’s very simple process – they see it, they buy it. Potential customers don’t have to wait until the store opens or store manager find the right size and color.

  1. Digital Advertising

SEO and paid search ads help your website to appear higher in search engines rating. This gives you more space to build your marketing strategy. With PPC-advertising and Instagram shopping tags people can go to your website right from their news feed. The whole process of making a decision to order takes less time now and you have all the opportunities to make it even shorter.

  1. Personalization

Use cookies and personalization settings to work with each customer in the most effective way. Do split-testing and offer personalized content to increase conversion rate and ROI. Websites with installed eCommerce give you every opportunity for it.

Surf Your Name always follow latest web design trends and knows best ways to advertise your website. Contact us online or by phone at 515-4WEB-GUY (515-493-2489) to create a brand-new website for your business from scratch or to set up eCommerce. We are here to help your business grow faster!