5 Reasons Your Business Could Make Money from Live Chat

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1. Customer Convenience

Today’s customers are always looking for a balance of cost and convenience.  Think about the largest “Convenience Store” in the US, 7-Eleven.  They have expanded to almost every corner of the country because they offer convenience.  Even with higher prices compared to big box stores they are still the #1 convenience store.

By offering live chat, the convenience for customers is right there on your website. Potential customers do not need to leave your website to look for assistance on the phone, email or social media. Look at just about any 5-Star review for any business and you will see mention of convenience and great customer service.

Live chat is crucial for answering customers questions prior to their purchase, but is also effective for businesses looking to provide suggestions of other products that match their customer’s needs and interests.


2. Increased Customer Service & Customer Loyalty

Even the best built websites will never provide EVERY answer to EVERY question your customers Benefits of Live Chat on Your Website - Professional Live Chat Installation - USA Live Chat Staffingmay have. Providing your potential customers with access to Live Chat to get their questions answered allows you to provide the best customer service experience possible.  When making a purchasing decision, knowing you will get the best support possible before, during, and after the sale is HUGE in the decision-making process.

As small business owners, we know converting someone into a paying customer is the most difficult part of our business.  Once we have them as a customer, keeping them is much easier.  Live chat not only helps convert website visitors into customers, but also helps us increase our customer retention rate over the long haul.


3. Competitive Advantage

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Most business owners are competing with other businesses for the same customer. You can beat your competitors price or even offer a better product or service.  But there is NOTHING that truly “Sells Itself.” Having live chat can separate you from your competition while keeping you out of the lower price game.


4. Instant Gratification

Think about the times you have visited a website and needed an answer to a question. Putting all of How Much is Live Chat? - Should I Have Live Chat on my Website? - USA Live Chat for my Websiteyour information into a basic contact form and then waiting for hours or even days to get a response. How many times did you leave that website only to go to another website and make your purchase before you got a response from your original contact form submission?

Having trained Live Chat operators answering your visitor’s questions will give your customers that instant gratification and help close the sale. Think about the last time you needed a contractor to come and give you an estimate for work around your home or business.  Would you rather email back and forth, leave voicemails, and countless time trying to book the appointment OR chat with a LIVE person and have your appointment booked in seconds?


5. Increased Sales

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More customers mean more to your bottom line.  In today’s business world we are all looking for more customers to build our business.  While there are many ways to improve sales, many are not cost efficient.  In most cases, an entire month of live chat will cost less than 1 newspaper ad.

Ask any business owner trying to increase their sales, they will all say their largest need is MORE CUSTOMERS.  Live chat can provide you with just what you are asking for…MORE CUSTOMERS.

How can you afford not to have live chat for your business?

How Does It Work and How Much Does It Cost?

All our live chat operators are based here in the United States and English is their first language.  When a visitor on your website clicks on the live chat box, they are connected to one of our live chat operators.  Our live chat operators are trained on your products and services and can answer a multitude of questions. If a visitor asks a question we do not have the answer to, we gather all their contact information and will pass that information to you, so the customer can get a follow up.

There is no limit to how much our live chat operators can do for you and your business.  With live chat services starting at $99 per month, how could you go wrong?

Give SurfYourName.com a call today at (515) 4WEB-GUY  (515-493-2489) or click the button below to get a 100% free quote on how your business will benefit from live chat. Set your business apart from the competition today with Live Chat!