Hilarious Live Chat Transcripts

We offer live chat services to all of our clients and often handle chats on our own website. Live chat is a great way to help your clients, engage with them, and to make sure they come again. We started offering live chat services several years ago.Read more

6 Reasons to Update Your Website

Do you remember when your company’s website was created? Sure you do! Do you know when the last update was made? The second question is way more important than the first one. Nowadays almost every company has a website, it’s not a big deal to have one.

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Email “Hackers” And How To Stop Them (Video)

Today we are going to go talk about email “hackers” and find the best way to fight them. Watch our video and keep reading to learn how to protect your business from hacker attacks: Are hackers still a thing? They definitely might be, but the people that

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Live Chat on Williams Wharf Oyster Co Website

At Surf Your Name, we often tout the importance and various benefits of adding live chat to your website. Not only can live chat streamline your customer service interactions, but it can also increase your revenue by up to 48%! Think about all the times you’ve visited

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How To Avoid Contact Form Spam

You have won the Nigerian Lottery! Send me $1000 and I will put $2 million in your bank account! If you have a website for your business, you’ve probably received tons of spam emails throughout the year that come through your website’s contact forms. We won’t hide

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How to Get Employees to Help with Social Media

At Surf Your Name, we understand the importance of your company’s social media outlets. And we often get questions from clients wondering how they can increase their sphere of influence and they’re often surprised by our answer. What most business owners don’t know is that one of

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Taylor Made Farms launched Beautiful New Website

If you have a small business – you need a website. That’s just how it is in the digital age. And at Surf Your Name, we believe that every business should have a beautiful, affordable website that meets all of their needs and ultimately, a website that

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