In the digital age, oftentimes things that are “older” are thought of as “obsolete”. But this is not always true! Many companies have started shying away from email marketing, labeling it as an outdated approach. However, recently, Email Marketing was hailed as the most effective tool for maintaining customer relationships.

A strategic and well-implemented email marketing plan can both drive revenue and retain existing customers. Email Marketing is still largely relevant in the landscape of digital marketing in 2017 and one of the most cost-effective forms of marketing available to business owners. Regularly reaching out to your consumers with engaging emails will garner trust and excitement from your audience and will improve your credibility and build lasting customer relationships. We’ve complied some facts and statistics about email marketing to provide some insight into what makes a successful marketing email so you can make sure you’re on the right track!

1. Consumers love discounts!
Based on a Retention Science study, data shows that 38% of customers are more likely to click on an email that includes a percentage-off deal. But 47% percent are more likely to convert if presented a percentage off vs. dollars-off.

Affordable Email Marketing Firm - Local Email Marketing Agency - Virginia Email Marketing Firm - Norfolk VA Email MarketingIn a Nutshell: When creating coupons and deals, it pays to opt for percentage-off instead of dollars-off.

2. Want to improve open rates? Punctuation is key.
The presence of any type of punctuation in your email’s subject line has a positive impact on open rates. The question mark is by far the most effective punctuation when it comes to marketing emails. Studies show that question marks beat out exclamation marks in terms of opens by a whopping 44%.

Affordable Email Marketing - Local Email Marketing Help - I Need Help With Email Marketing - VA Email Marketing FirmIn a Nutshell: If you’re suffering from low open rates, try asking a question in your next marketing email’s subject line.

3. Short and Sweet Subject Lines.
Why keep it short? Mobile Devices. Recent studies show that 53% of people checked their email on their phone as opposed to a desktop or laptop. Smart phones only display the first 5-7 words of an email’s subject line. In order to appeal to mobile users, your subject lines should be no longer that 10 words.

Experienced Email Marketing Firm - Local Email Marketing Agency - Email Marketing Help in Virginia In a Nutshell: The ideal subject line length for a marketing email is 6-10 words, so mobile users don’t miss anything.

4. Be very specific!
Generic subject lines are just not interesting! Most people delete an email before they even open it. This is why it is important to be specific in your subject lines. A specific subject line is way more likely to spark curiosity and interest in your customers and will improve open rates tenfold.

Help With Email Marketing - Affordable Email Marketing Firm - Email Marketing for DummiesIn a Nutshell: Avoid vague subject lines to prevent your marketing emails from being deleted.

5. Personal touches make everything better.
Personalization is the perhaps the BIGGEST opportunity for your marketing email to produce results. Emails with personalized subject lines are 26% more likely to be opened and marketers have found a 760% increase in email revenue from segmented campaigns. While using your customers name is a great start, there are plenty of other ways to personalize your marketing emails. You can segment your subscriber list using certain certain demographics: gender, age, birthday, location, etc. Then you can tailor the content & create an extremely successful marketing email.

Norfolk VA Email Marketing Agency - Email Marketing Firm - Local Email Marketing AgencyIn a Nutshell: People love to hear and see their own names and personalization increases open rates pretty dramatically.

Some business owners prefer to do their own email marketing, but there is really no substitution for a digital marketing firm or specialist. Not to mention the time-consuming nature of owning and operating a business that prevents many business owners from committing the necessary time to digital marketing. We have helped tons of clients increase their revenue and reputation with email marketing and we’d love do the same for your business. The team at Surf Your Name has over 15 years of combined eMarketing experience and we have the skills to help your business grow with an email marketing strategy that produces results! Call today at 515-4WEB-GUY (515-493-2489) so we can help you develop a results-driven eMarketing strategy that is perfect for your business!