Facebook Changes Their Review Policy From 5-Star Rating To Recommendations - Social Media Management FirmFacebook is a super-popular social network, but on the other hand it’s also a place for all the customers to leave reviews for local businesses. Long dependent on a five-star evaluations framework, the social network is streamlining its approach with the new recommendations system for Facebook business pages.

Rather than appointing a star rating and writing a review, clients are currently faced with a simple question: solitary inquiry: “Do you recommend [business name]?” After answering yes or no, they are requested to write comments about what they have to say about the business, or how the business can improve.

Recommendations make the whole process of leaving reviews easier and encourages customers to be specific about their experience. This change pretty much be considered as good news for businesses. Let’s see why.

Even more reviews

Now it’s even easier to leave a review. Customers don’t have to choose between 5 options, they are only given two: yes or no. It makes the whole process unmistakably clear. By providing great service, businesses will get even more reviews from their customers, which is obviously great for everyone.

More engagement

Customers now have more time to leave a more thoughtful review, because they don’t have to decide on the 5-star options anymore.

Although the process of leaving a review no longer includes the star rating, Facebook will still display a star rating. This rating is calculated using new recommendations and reviews from their forms system.

Writing more thoughtful comments, customers will let the business know what kind of improvements need to be made to your business. Provided with more accurate information, businesses will have more room for improvement.

More visibility

Recommendations appearing to users when they search for your business on Facebook will easily highlight all of your business’s positive aspects. When leaving a recommendation, users are able to choose from different tags representing your positive experience. This way new-comers will be able to see all the good things about you in one scroll.

On the other hand, everything you have to improve will also be in the plain sight.

After all, Facebook recommendations looks like a huge step in reputation management improvement. And to answer the question in the headline of this article, we must say – both sides can profit from it, especially if you provide top service to your clients.How New Facebook Recommendations Can Help Your Business And What To Do With It - SurfYourName Social Media Management

Surf Your Name pays close attention to all latest changes social media companies make to their software and algorithms. We really like the recent reviews changes Facebook made. We fully understand how to work with Facebook rating system and how to encourage your customers to leave more feedback. If you want to explore another way of reaching out to your customers, call us today at 515-4WEB-GUY (515-493-2489)! We can’t wait to work with you!