How Surf Your Name Delivered Results through Creative Competition

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The holidays are a very busy time at Surf Your Name, especially when it comes to email marketing. Whether its Thanksgiving emails, Black Friday promotions, or just a Holiday newsletter, we’re sending out marketing emails left and right for all our awesome clients. While our team gets along great, we don’t always agree on which subject line will garner the best results for our clients. Since we’re pretty competitive, and always trying to improve our marketing tactics so we can keep producing results for our clients: we decided to have a healthy little competition this year and at the same time, do some A/B testing.

The premise of the competition was simple: Erik and I couldn’t agree on a subject line for one of our long-time email marketing clients’ Black Friday special email. So, each of us was to choose a subject line that we thought would produce the most opens for the client. We were to send out the emails to the same customer base (split in half, of course), on the same day (Thanksgiving 2018), at the same time (just after dinner). Whoever’s subject had the highest open rate would get to post a photo of themselves on SurfYourName’s social media accounts with a sign reading “Winner”. And, of course, the loser would have to do the same – but with a big ol’ “Loser” sign.

Erik chose the subject line: “John, Your 30% OFF Black Friday Coupon has Arrived! 🦃”

My subject line was: “🦃 John, Are You Ready to SAVE 30% on your new device? Coupon inside!!!”

On the following Monday, we compared the results and prepared to embarrass ourselves. To everyone’s surprise, the open rates for these emails only differed by .2 percent! That means that both emails were a huge success. We determined that the only real winner in this situation was the client. We were able to attribute over $1000 in sales for our client’s small business in just ONE DAY. Watch the video below for more details!

Black Friday may be over, but there is still time to get a jump on those holiday emails. Whether you’re new to email marketing and want a dedicated and experienced company to take care of it for you, or you’ve tried it before and didn’t see the results you expected – Surf Your Name is here to help! Let the professionals take over and show you that email marketing REALLY does work! We’re personally invested in the success of ALL of our clients’ businesses and we can’t wait to add you to our long list of happy clients. Contact us today for a free quote – or give us a call at 515-4WEB-GUY!

Happy Holidays from Surf Your Name!