How To Invite Friends To Like Your Facebook Page

Every business needs to start from something. When you create your business page on Facebook, it’s very hard to find your first followers. Your new page will probably not attract any new followers if it has zero likes.

You can obviously start a Facebook Ads campaign spending the extra money to find someone who will follow you. But most often new small businesses and start-ups don’t have any extra money to spend. Here is where your friends come to the rescue!

Facebook gives you the opportunity to invite your friends to like your page right after you create it. Don’t hesitate to use this opportunity. Your page will look much better to new visitors if it already has likes and followers. Let’s go through the steps of inviting your friends to like your page on desktop and mobile app.

How To Invite Friends To Like Your Facebook Page On Desktop

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  1. Open your companies business page. Find a 3-dotted icon right below your cover photo. After you click it, a dropdown menu will pop up.

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  1. Scroll down to ‘Invite Friends’ options. After you click it, you will see a list of your friends. It will tell you who have already liked your page and who you can invite to do it now.

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  1. Check who you want to invite. You can also customize the message you send to your friends. Use it to tell your friends about your page and why they should follow it.
  2. Press ‘Send Invites’ button and you are good to go!


How To Invite Friends To Like Your Facebook Page In Mobile App

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  1. Open your page in Facebook app. Scroll down until you find an ‘Invite Friends’ button. Tap it.
  2. After you tap the button, you will see a list of your friends with an ‘Invite’ button on the right. Press the button to invite your friends from the Facebook app.

As you can see, the whole process of inviting your friends to like your Facebook page is very simple. It costs you nothing and only takes a couple of minutes. These simple steps can save you money and time you may spend on creating a Facebook Ads campaign just to have a couple of new followers.

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