Local Contractor Web Designer - Web Design for Masonry Company - Chimney Web DesignerIf you are a business owner, you need a website that represents your companies mission and the quality of your work. DIY website builders are great in a pinch, but there is not substitution for a professional web development firm or specialist. This is the case with our newest client, Rob of BR Masonry in New Jersey when he decided that his homemade website wasn’t cutting it anymore. He knew that Surf Your Name could give him the exact website he needed to showcase what his company is all about. We are excited to announce this partnership and we look forward to building Rob a beautiful website that packs a ton of features!

Rob built his current companies website himself. And while it served its purpose, the website wasn’t bringing in the kind of clients he had hoped it would in the beginning. We reviewed his current website and knew immediately that it just didn’t match the detailed and high-quality masonry work that he provides to clients all over New Jersey. Not only did were we able to discover the problem, but we knew just how to fix it! Rob asked us to design and develop a website for BR Masonry that looked great, functioned well, and most importantly: produced results.

Our plan is to incorporate the successful aspects of his current website into a completely new build, Local Web Design for Masonry Business - Affordable Contractor Web Designer - Remodeling Website Builderwith higher quality aesthetics and a more streamline navigation. We plan to build an entirely new gallery complete with write ups of each project that Rob has decided to feature on his website. We will also highlight certain parts of his business that were not easily accessible on his current website and provide contact forms for clients to request a free quote for the service they’d like performed. We have already enjoyed working with BR Masonry to design a completely revamped logo to be used on the new website and on advertisements and t-shirts in the future, so we know that developing their website will be just as exciting.

If your current website doesn’t live up to the reputation you’ve worked so hard to build for your business, we want to help you! We love to work with business owners to extend their reach with an incredible website that produces results as well as SEO, email marketing, social media management, pay per click advertising and any other form of digital marketing that will benefit your business. You can’t afford to keep your poorly performing website any longer, so give us a call today at 515-4WEB-GUY (515-493-2489) to find out how we can help your business grow!