DOVE AV Gets a New Email E-Commerce Template

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Online trends are always changing. There’s always something cool, interesting, and new that we or our clients stumble across. We tilt our heads and think ‘that’s something we should do.’ That’s exactly what happened with our long-time clients Dove Audio Visual. They were at a coffee shop where the register was an iPad. One, that’s just a cool thing in general, but as those who have experienced it have seen, there are multiple receipt options: print, email, both, and none. They chose the emailed receipt and after looking at it for a second, they noticed something interesting.

The company added social media links to the receipt email template in a simple, but powerful way for costumers to easily click. It seemed like a great way to increase social media following, especially if you already like the company enough to purchase something. So, he immediately called Surf Your Name with the story and wanted to add social media links to the automatic email template they send out with every order.

We started in Photoshop, creating the design for the social media boxes they wanted. We decided on a block format with the branded colors that stick out at the bottom of the page. We sized them perfectly for mobile and desktop viewing, so the email looks flawless on any device. After a couple of changes to the design, we place it in the email template for almost every order confirmation they send out.

Goes to show that is only takes one person doing something cool before it catches on like a trend. We love working with Dove AV and that they gave us this great idea we can tell our other clients about. If you’re looking for a dynamic web developer who is responsive and always on top of the latest site trends, look no further. Give Surf Your Name a call today at (515) 493-2498 for a free quote! We’d love to hear about your cool ideas!