Gold Coast Gun Club Streamlines Pricing with Clean, Professional Pricing Chart

Custom Pricing Charts - Website Designer - Website Development - Social Media Management - Search Engine Optimization - Business AutomationAt Surf Your Name, we love helping our clients navigate the digital world, and find the solution to their complex web-based problems. Whether you want to streamline your businesses’ customer service or make it easier for your customers to find what they’re looking for… Surf Your Name has the answer you need and the skills to make it happen. Just look at what we did for Scott, a longtime member of the Surf Your Name Family and the founder of Gold Coast Gun Club in upstate New York.

Though he has been a loyal client for years, we recently redesigned his entire website! As his organization grows, we’ve been working with him to make changes and upgrades to the site so it’s easier for his members to find what they need and it’s easier for Scott to keep it all organized. We’ve hooked him up with a new online calendar system, a premium WooCommerce online shop, and several custom website forms where his members can update their information and make membership payments all online!

Scott offers several different membership packages to the firearm and shooting enthusiasts of Gold Coast Gun Club and he advertised all the options on his website. However, he was getting tons of questions about the features of each membership plan, and potential members couldn’t easily determine which plan was the best for them. Scott needed a way to showcase each individual plan, but he also wanted his visitors to be able to easily compare them side by side. Right away, he knew that this was an issue Surf Your Name could solve – so he brought it to our team and we knew exactly how to help!

Our website design team created a custom, visually engaging chart where GCGC’s visitors can see each plans title, features, and cost. We designed the comparison chart to match the brand colors of Gold Coast Gun Club, and even programmed buttons for each membership that integrate with PayPal – allowing Scott to easily take membership payments. Scotts have been directing his current and potential members to the chart, and reports that he’s heard nothing but good things about the finished project!

If you know Surf Your Name, you know that we’re all about finding the simple solution to your problems. We want to make your website easy for your visitors to use and our main goal is to turn them into paying customers. But most importantly, we want to make navigating the digital world as simple and straightforward as possible for YOU! We understand the time and budget constraints of running a business or organization and it’s our goal to provide the most comprehensive and results-driven services to each and every one of our clients! Contact us today for a FREE QUOTE or give us a call at 515-4WEB-GUY to see what SurfYourName can do for you!