Grateful Lane Cracks Open a Beautiful New Website from Surf Your Name

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At Surf Your Name, we specialize in custom websites that bring a vision to life for our clients. For Grateful Lane Vineyards, we created the perfect website to showcase all aspects of their business. Wine is multifaceted, especially to the true connoisseur. The enjoyment comes from not only drinking the wine but knowing what goes into it. So, it was vital to feature sections all about their vines, the wines they create, and the other delicious food they grow in the vineyard.

Grateful Lane Vineyards lies in an idyllic hillside in Camarillo, CA. David and Sheri believe gratefulness is a quality that contributes to a healthier and happier life. Their goal is simple: to create meaningful and memorable artisan wines that are full of flavor, balance, depth and create joy.  They specialize in wines that are food-friendly, delicious to drink and a delight to share with others.

After we heard their story about buying a vineyard in California and finding their passion for winemaking, we got started building them a beautiful website to reflect that passion. The website is filled with natural colors and beautiful images of the vineyard. We definitely spent some time staring at those beautiful views of sunny California as it got colder here in Norfolk, Virginia.

Grateful Lane has a lot to highlight so, we created custom pages designed to showcase each facet of their business in a unique way. First is their list of wines. They currently have three listed, but with complete backend access, David and Sheri can easily go in and add more listings as their business grows.

The Vineyard page has customized galleries to showcase what the vines look like throughout the seasons. We also added another multimedia gallery for every stage in the process of winemaking from the harvesting to crushing to bottling.

For their Orchard page, we placed a gallery full of fruit trees and more beautiful photos of the California landscape. Since perishables are essential for food banks and shelters providing healthy food to people who need it most, Grateful Lane donates the extra food they grow as a way to give back to the community.

We’re so happy we could bring Grateful Lane’s vision to life online by showcasing all the great things their vineyard has to offer. We can’t wait to see their business grow and, like all our clients, we’ll be here to help their website grow with them.

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