Launch of the New Automated Dental Website:

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We have been providing Internet Dental Services e-Marketing and web development/design solutions like SEO and high-speed hosting for years. Internet Dental Services provides affordable custom made dental devices for half the price that dental practices charge. We’ve worked with business owner, Scott on a multitude of different projects from email automation to SEO. Surf Your Name is very excited to announce a website unlike any that we have built in the past. is a multi-path step by step website that guides customers through the process of taking teeth impressions at home for their custom dental devices. features an extensive click through library of instructions complete with color images and embedded video, culminating in an interactive form that allows users to directly upload and send images of their impressions for approval. We have also outfitted with a specialized contact form integrated SalesForce for customers that need assistance.

Scott used to spend thousands of dollars on printing costs because he had to include 10-15 pages of specialized manuals and waivers in each of his company’s orders. The elimination of the excessive printing cost has more than paid for this new website. The site has also reduced the amount of paperwork and customer service calls that Scott’s staff has to handle. has greatly improved the function of Scott’s business, and it has improved the experience of his customers.

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SurfYourName specializes in working with small business owners like you to develop a web presence that delivers the results your business deserves at an affordable price. We don’t only design websites, we can also create platforms that help your business function smoothly, like we did for Scott because your website should be working for you!    

If you need to simplify the functionality of your business or you need to overhaul an existing website, Surf Your Name can help! Whether you need an automated and interactive instructional website like, or an attractive design to help your clients find you. Contact us at 515-4WEB-GUY (515-493-2489). We’d love to tell you all about how we can improve your web presence and give you a proper return on investment.