Surf Your Name Introduces Welcome Video for Email Subscribers

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As a business owner, email marketing is consistently a great investment. We’ve talked about some amazing techniques on how to leverage your email marketing. Now it’s time to talk about the content. In that first email, you’re setting the tone for your future emails. So, it’s incredibly important to let new email subscribers know what kind of content you will be sending them.

The best way to do that is by brainstorming a simple message that’s both easy to understand and summarizes the types of email you’ll be sending and give a few examples.

Now we’ve learned one of the best ways to give your subscribers this information without an email being 10 scrolls long is a video. Need an example? Here you go! This is what we send to our new email subscribers:

We tried to make the video personal and friendly, that’s why it’s coming from our CEO Erik Bledsoe. In just about 50 seconds, Erik goes over everything we email about and explains how it can help our subscribers. He also mentions where to look for useful information from our previous emails (right here!). One minute is all it takes to learn more about our company, see what we do, and understand how it can be beneficial. Not that long to make a great first impression on your potential clients, is it?

We had a lot of fun shooting this video. As you can see, it’s just one take without any cuts, so you can imagine how many test takes we needed to shoot in order to get to the final result. Erik is always on the phone, so we weren’t surprised when a client or two called us while we were shooting.

A teleprompter was another thing that helped us deliver a one-take video without any cuts. Speaking of equipment—recently we added wireless lapel microphones to our arsenal, so the video was a great opportunity to test them. Now we can easily shoot anywhere with perfect sound!

As you can see, a video like this is an easy step in the right direction for new subscribers. It doesn’t take too much time to make and gives your subscribers an inside look into the personality of your business.

Are you looking to add a video like this to your marketing assets? Give Surf Your Name a call! We offer professional photo and video services along with editing. Contact us today and let’s go over the details of your project!