ASGARD Partners Gets New Website on Private Hosting Servers

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As a full-service web development agency, we’re happy to give our clients the best in everything they need to keep their website running. While we love designing new websites and graphics, making sure a website is up to date, fast loading, and secure is what keeps our clients happy for years. Our clients love that we offer website hosting, maintenance, and security.

This is what ASGARD Partners needed when they came to us. Their old website was hosted on a slow server. It was several versions behind on WordPress and its plugins and had no malware scanners of protections. As a finance firm, those are significant!

ASGARD Partners and Co. is a private equity finance firm that prides itself on advising their clients with a variety of perspectives within the finance industry. They only work with companies that align with their Ten Founding Truths. Their intention as a business is to have an impact, to serve and support entrepreneurs professional managers, and institutional investors who are building or supporting purpose-driven companies and want to make a difference in the world.

We’re so happy that ASGARD chose us to work on their website. Now they are hosted on our incredibly fast and secure servers. They’re a part of our monthly maintenance program where we ensure everything on the website continues to run smoothly from update to update. Surf Your Name is always up to date on the latest malware scanners to ensure our websites are protected from malicious hackers and viruses.

Does your website need to be updated? Is your current hosting slow and low on storage? Is your website protected from malware and other security risks? Surf Your Name is here to help! We provide super-fast and secure hosting for your website. Let us take care of the maintenance on your website so you can focus on the important thing: running your business! Give a call today at (515) 493-2489 for a free quote!