There are many different ways to promote your business with social media. You can start a PPC-campaign, work with influencers, do product placement, etc. The point of these promotions is to engage with people who are already subscribed to your page and get more new followers that will turn into potential customers later. One of the ways to promote your brand on social media is a giveaway. SurfYourName spent some time in December promoting one of our clients via giveaway contest. Let’s jump into all the details, see what kind of giveaway we had and what we were able to achieve with it.


Social Media Marketing - Giveaway - SMM Promo - Digital MarketingA giveaway is a promotional drawing where a prize is given away to a participant chosen from a pool of entries at random. So, first we had to choose something that we could actually give away to a winner. Extreme Air had a couple of Christmas deals, one of them was the Christmas Break Membership that gives you unlimited entries to the park from December 18th to December 30th. This deal was good enough for people to be interested in it, so we decided to use it as our grand prize. To get even more people interested we came up with 9 extra prizes: 3 one-hour jump tickets, 3 pairs of jump socks, 3 slices of pizza.


We have our prizes, but what do you have to do to win one? We came up with 5 different ways you could participate in the Extreme Air December Giveaway:

  1. Answer one of our trivia questions
  2. Post a photo having fun at Extreme Air on Facebook and tag Extreme Air
  3. Post a photo from the park on Instagram and tag Extreme Air
  4. Tag 3 people in the comments section of Instagram posts about the giveaway
  5. Share one or more of Extreme Air posts on Instagram or Facebook.

People had to complete one item from the above list in order to participate, but each action earned you an entry. For example, if you answered our trivia question, tagged a photo from the park on Facebook, and tagged 3 of your friend on our Instagram post, you would earn yourself 3 entries. The important part was that to be considered as a participant you had to follow Extreme Air on Facebook and Instagram.


SurfYourName - Digital Advertising Agency Norfolk - Marketing ProfessionalsWe started promoting Extreme Air’s December Giveaway on December 1st. It lasted until December 19th.

We created 8 posts promoting the giveaway on social media:

  • 1 post announcing the giveaway,
  • 4 posts with trivia questions,
  • 2 posts where you could tag 3 friends to get one entree,
  • 1 post asking followers to share their photo from the park.

We also had 6 posts that we used to announce winners of our extra prizes, one post to announce the live-stream of the giveaway and one post to announce the grand prize winner.

We scheduled 16 posts in total (16 posts for Facebook and 16 the same posts for Extreme Air’s Instagram account).



We decided to announce the winner of the grand prize live on Facebook. We scheduled a giveaway for December 19th. To make sure we had everything up and running we decided to do a test giveaway and a test live-stream on December 18th. We had two extra prizes to giveaway, so that’s what we did. The winners were happy, and we were ready for the last day of our giveaway. We successfully streamed the giveaway the next day and chose the winner of the grand prize. Almost 400 people watched both live-streams and their recordings on Facebook.


Facebook Promotion - Instagram Ads - Facebook Ads - SMM Specialist - How To Do a Giveaway ContestOur first post with a trivia question reached 300% more people than Extreme Air’s usual posts. The other posts promoting the giveaway also had better results and reached 150%-250% more people than the usual.

We had a huge boost in the engagement rate: first trivia question we published had 500% more engagements – people were commenting and liking like never before. In the end, all of our giveaway posts brought Extreme Air many new page like, comments, and follows.

As we can see, Extreme Air December Giveaway was successful and brought some great results. We had a lot of fun creating and promoting it. In the end we can see what type of posts that we used to promote the giveaway worked better – trivia questions and the posts where we asked people to tag 3 friends. We already have plans for other giveaways for this client in 2019. We get better results with each giveaway we do, so we expect even better engagement rate from the next one because we already know what we can improve.

Afterall, if done the right way, a giveaway is another great way to promote your business on social media. It works better if you have some kind of special deal for the season or some new product or service you want to tell about. We love challenges, so if you don’t have any special offers and just want to boost your social media presence or web presence overall, contact us and our experts with years of digital marketing experience will find the best way to help your business grow.