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We’ve been working with Scott, the owner of Specialized Dental Services for years and there is always a fun and exciting project in the works. Scott’s company offers affordable dental devices such as retainers, flippers, partial dentures and invisible aligners online for less than half the price you’d pay at the dentist or orthodontist by allowing the customer to take his or her impressions in their own home. These devices are a great option for those who wish to avoid the dentist appointments and high that most dental practices charge.

Scott owns several different websites that offer specialized services relating to dental devices. One allows the customer to use impressions they already have, one offers international shipping options, one offers a faster processing time, etc. However, when you have multiple websites that provide similar services, it can get pretty difficult to keep track of all of your visitors. And it becomes difficult for the customer to find the website that offers exactly what they need!

So, we presented a solution to Scott’s problem. We would build a directory website that included aLocal Web Designer for My Dental Practice - Dental Practice Web Developer - Affordable Business Automation breakdown of each of his individual websites and would essentially funnel its visitors to the site that offered what they were looking for. will pop up as one of the first options when visitors search for related words or phrases (Read our article about Search Engine Optimization). Then, we created a custom slider highlighting important facts about Scott’s company, along with a short over view of each option (1-4). 

Then, we created an aesthetically beautiful section for each option, explaining the websites features in more detail. With easy-click buttons that direct the visitor to each individual website. Scott had a very specific look that was requested for the feel of this website. He wanted it to be fun, modern and trendy. Our graphic design team worked with Scott to create custom graphics that fit each websites identity and brand, while remaining comprehensive in their overall design of Discount Online Dental. Make sure you head over to to check it out!

With Discount Online Dental, we helped Scott streamline the flow of his eCommerce website, and at the same time reduced customer questions and confusion. At Surf Your Name we love finding solutions to your business problems. Whether that means a new website, a better marketing strategy, writing engaging and search engine optimized content, or anything else your business needs to reach its potential. Give us a call today at 515-4WEB-GUY (515-493-2489)  to find out what our experienced design & development team can do to make your business more successful!