MY Museum Launches NEW e-Commerce Website

The team at Surf Your Name loves working with non-profit organizations. There is something to be said about individuals who are motivated solely by their passion for the organization they’re building. So, when we get the opportunity to build a website for a non-profit, charity or museum

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Navigating Email Marketing in the Digital Age

Email Marketing is still one of the most popular forms of digital marketing - in fact, recent surveys show that over 44% of customers prefer company engagement in the form of email. And just like any other digital marketing practice, there are constant changes and trends thatRead more

Surf Your Name Celebrates our 11th Anniversary!

Surf Your Name is excited to announce our 11-year anniversary!  It was 11 years ago that Erik Bledsoe, founder of Surf Your Name web design & development left his corporate position to pursue his long-time passion of designing and developing result-driven websites for small businesses! There is

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What the heck is a Cache, anyway?

If your business has a website or if you’ve worked with a web developer on any kind of project, you’ve probably heard them say, “clear your cache” when you’re looking at the recent edits they’ve made. However, there’s a pretty good chance that you don’t know exactly

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Dove AV’s Outdated Site gets a Sleek, Modern Face-Lift

When your website revolves around technology, it’s important to make sure that it’s updated and shows off the quality of work your business is capable of. This importance boils down to the fact that your website should be representative of your business. If you have an outdated

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The Naked Oyster Launches Fun and Colorful Website

Recently, we announced that Surf Your Name was teaming up with William’s Wharf Oyster Company to build an unforgettable website for their new business venture, The Naked Oyster. Well, the day has come that we are able to officially announce the launch of, a unique business

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